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Program Evaluation:

The ERMS team brings a full range of expertise to design, evaluate, and refine education programs. These comprehensive program and evaluation services have been developed through decades of supporting a variety of clients including federal and state agencies, public school systems, non-profits and community organizations.

This combination of senior-level consultant expertise and organizational experience creates a unique capability to work effectively with organizations across a wide range of program development and evaluation activities.

Program Evaluation (lower)

Program Development and Evaluation Activities Include:

  • Provide program implementation strategies
  • Develop monitoring systems to measure program performance
  • Examine cost and sustainability of grant funding
  • Evaluate program components linked to program outcomes
  • Investigate the impact of education programs on students, parents, and school-level personnel
  • Collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative (mixed methods) data
  • Write reports and develop presentations

In all these activities, our focus is to provide clients with solutions to their program development and evaluation needs that combine rigorous scientific methodology and research with a practical approach for accomplishing goals in classroom, administrative, and community settings.

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